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What People Say…

Some of the fondest memories of our pregnancy were with Thea at Sweet Baby O’ Mine – A 3D/4D & REAL LIVE HD Ultrasound Studio…. Thea is the one who told us we were having twins at 10 weeks and 2 days and the one who correctly identified their genders at 12 weeks and 2 days with our entire family present….From finding out their genders, to watching them wiggle around in the womb, and then watching their little faces develop and take shape…It was all so magical and special! Seeing their photos in the womb side-by-side with their newborn photos from Tori Gansen Photography takes my breath away! We are forever grateful 🥰😍🥰

Tara J

If I could put more than 5 stars I would!!! From the second you walk in Thea and her team were beyond sweet and so helpful! Thea went above and beyond in the 3D/4D/HD ultrasound! You can tell she really knows her stuff! I am so excited I got the DVD so I can watch this amazing video over and over again! Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I wanted to show how amazing the real view HD pictures are! This is amazing….after doing the sonograms you truly share a deeper bond between you and baby that you can’t even explain!! Thank you again Thea and your wonderful crew. Gabrielle L

Thank you all for capturing our little one. A moment we will hold near and dear to our hearts. Elizabeth Jordan – Born January 8th Valerie W

Parker Lee Miller arrived on 6/22/21 at 9lbs 14oz and 21.5inches! He never gave us a super clear image when we had our ultrasounds, always keeping a hand or the cord in front of him. We can safely say he’s still sassy about his photo being taken 😂😂

Tori M

Our little Noel   Haley C.

Here are the side by sides as requested after birth. Thanks again Thea!! ❤❤❤

Frances T

Thea said to let you know the gender when the baby arrives…it’s a boy! Finnigan Jack D. I’ve stared at his in-womb smile every day since we saw you guys, and we are so happy to finally see it in person. Megan D.

Thank you guys for doing my ultrasound throughout my whole pregnancy! Meet Sloane Mae.

Taylor H

This is Everleigh Daniele, her ultrasound was on 1/22/2021, and she was born 3/5/2021 😊

Haley C.

Baby A (Paityn Rose) is always on the Left and Baby B (Paislee Lynn) Is always on the right

Alyssa G

Hi ladies, It has taken me a while but I am finally getting Gracie’s photos to you. I cannot express how much we enjoyed our ultrasound and we will definitely be back in the future! You can use these pictures for anything that you like. Have a wonderful day and thank you much for such a great experience. I am sending this email from my phone so if the pictures do not turn out or are to small please let me know. I want you to get good quality photos. Thanks again! God Bless, Patricia H

Before/After – Noah

Megan R

Hi there! Our baby Ruby Skye Cruz was born a month ago today on July 4th. I just wanted to share how much she looks like the ultrasound pictures you were able to capture! In her pictures she kept putting her hand up by her face and she still loves doing that when she sleeps. Thank you so much for everything! Kimi C

Hi there, here are our B/A photos 😃

Jessica H

Baby Adriel finally made his arrival, July 28th ‘ 2019 @ 9:31pm – weighing 9 pounds, 15oz. 21 inches long. Thank you so much for everything! ♥️ Yazmyn M

We finally got to see our babies face bc she was always hiding from us. We didn’t have a name for her until we had her in the hospital. In the ultrasound she looked just like her brother and when she came out she definitely did too!  Jennifer A

Thanks again for showing us our baby before her birth. We had a great experience. Harper Drewlene 3D/4D on 5/17. Ryan F

Bryson Lawrence R has made his arrival, 6lbs, 11oz, 20 inches, Sept 26th, 2012….Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing experience. I was so impatient to see his lil face and you both eased my mind when I came in for my two visits. It was such a memorable moment & nothing could ever compare to it. I will def keep you in mind if god decides to bless us in the future with another bundle of joy!! Many xoxoxoxox Maria, Beau, & Baby Bryson R.

Thank you again for so many beautiful ultrasound pictures of our baby Jacob. They were spot on! Ultrasound: 6/8/19 ➡️ Born: 7/23/19. 8 lbs. 10 oz. Tiffany S

Before/After – Yael

Dayle B

We had the opportunity to go to Sweet Baby O’ Mine not once, but twice during our pregnancy with our little man and we were definitely amazed at the amazing technology.
It was such a great experience to be able to get to see him in 3D/4D. We highly recommend Sweet Baby O’ Mine and will definitely be back next pregnancy. ❤️
Thea is absolutely amazing through the whole process, will explain everything to you during the ultrasound and answers any questions you have.
Thank you for our great experience!

Emily B

I wish I could put more stars because I truly love this place. It was so well kept and the staff was awesome. I will definitely be back in the future when I have more children. LOVE U GUYS AND THANKS FOR EVERYTHING… Alyssa M

Nicolai was born on July 30th, 2011. This is him at six weeks old and him in the womb at 30 weeks. Thanks for the beautiful scan, Thea! We got some great comparison shots =) Ariel H

Hey there! Heres a before and after collage of Beau!

Tristian C

Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience I would refer u to any expectant mom! Trey W & Javonna P

We were so very honored to conduct an early gender determination for this family so they could start their shopping…….BLUE, BLUE, BLUE!!! AND – then we got to see their handsome little guy a second time for chubby cheek pictures. Marta D

An experience worth the money! My husband and I decided to do the two sessions – well worth it! At 18 weeks we were able to see our little one growing and that it was going to be a boy. Our family joined us and enjoyed every minute of it. We even used some of the pictures in our powerpoint at the baby shower. The second session was done at 31 weeks and our entire family and some friends attended. There was plenty of room for everyone and all could see the monitors. We were able to see which traits would possibly be mom/dad’s. It was an experience of a lifetime and something I would suggest to anyone/everyone. Well worth it! Kristina T

I went to you guys when my baby boy is 28 weeks….I had him when he was 36 weeks…he’s 10 days old now…He’s such a sweet baby….look at this picture and see how cute he is… It’s such a wonderful time seeing him on 3D pictures….Thanks a lot From Vinnie-Michelle and Vincent with love

We wanted to send a before and after picture for the website. Our daughter Evana was born on May 15, 2012. We had the ultrasound at 33 weeks. I was very impressed with the pictures and we really enjoyed the experience! Thank you! Sarah V

Hey Thea! Just wanted to send you a pic of our newest addition 🙂 sorry if this is the wrong email address but I think the picture looks the most like one that we got in the 3D ultrasound! Thank you again for giving our little family an early bonding experience!! God bless you and your wonderful business! Rebekah H

Ayden Javier born feb. 2, 2012 7pds 8oz … sorry its late but thank you for the ultrasound!! he does some of his expressions the way it came out in the ultrasound. Jasmin A

Hi Thea, This is Karolyn Green and I just had my beautiful princess yesterday morning and I figured I’d send a before and after picture. =) Those little hands stay right by her face and just as in the ultrasound her full little lips are constantly moving and the tongue poking out…lol. Kaelyn Arianna – 7lbs 8oz – 21 inches. Karolyn G

Hi there, just wanted to share some pictures of our little one with you guys! Just like in the womb, she’s very stubborn and keeps her hands in her face always!! 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful ultrasound pictures and your patience in obtaining them even though she was a stubborn one! Amazing how their mannerisms are the exact same inside and out! During the ultrasounds she wouldnt move her hands from her face for anything! Now, even trying to get a bottle near her mouth is almost impossible because of those hands! 🙂 Thanks again! Julie V

Thank you SO much for making our joyful super surprising day so excellent! Everyone is so excited! Darla J

Hello!! We had our baby early at 34 weeks on March 22, 2012. Her name is Nicolette Rose and she was 4lbs 4oz and 18inches long. She stayed in the hospital for two weeks and is now home and thriving! Today she weighs 6lbs 11oz and 19inches long! Thank you guys sooo much for giving us a sneak preview of our bay girl. It was so exciting seeing how close the images were….just amazing!!! You guys are the best…thanks again! Kristina F

When we went to the studio, we were excited about what was going to happen. We were greeted with a warm welcome and were well taken care of. The studio was incredibly beautiful. The experience could not have been better than it was at Sweet Baby O ‘Mine. In Norway, we have no possibility for 4D, so it was amazing to get a video of the kid in the belly. We constantly see the movie and it’s a great memory that we can share with our family. We have only good words to say about Sweet Baby O`Mine and we will recommend anyone that expecting a child, to visit them. We want to thank them for a lifetime memory. Vibeke J and Daniel F

My Fiance and I heard about Sweet Baby O Mine through a friend. We contacted Thea right away. From beginning to end Sweet Baby O Mine was a delight to work with! They were very friendly and seemed to care about us and share in our excitement. The building they are in is warm and inviting. The actual room is huge and plush, with amazing televisions to see your little one on! We went two times and the first visit I ended up getting sick (darn ‘morning sickness’) Thea and Ingrid where there for me. They comforted me and did everything they could to make me feel better. However, the most amazing part of the visit was being able to see the clarity of our little one on the screen! The pictures were amazing! The second time we went I was further along and the pictures got even better, we even got a smile! When she was born we compared her to the 3D ultrasound from Sweet Baby O Mine and to our amazement she looked just like she did in the ultrasound! We will definitely use them again if we have anymore! I have recommended them to all my friends as well. Taryn A

I came to Sweet Baby O’ Mine 3 times during my pregnancy the experience was a once in a life time thing it’s nice to go somewhere and be treated special instead of just another patient I will refer u guys to everyone and will return for any future pregnancies Michelle S

Hey Thea! This is Aline, Heza’s mom! She was born July 19th at 8:03 am, 7 lbs and 3 oz…I’m just now getting around to sending pictures but I hope you enjoy them. Thank you again for everything, you were wonderful and so very patient! Sincerely, Aline M

Hi Thea – So sorry it has taken me so long to get you some comparison pictures of our little one! I have been very busy with him as I am sure you know and understand well! :)) I want to thank you again and let you know how much I enjoyed my sessions. Can’t wait to return in the future! Enjoy the attached pictures!! Sincerely, Courtney R

I had the most wonderful experience at Sweet Baby O’ Mine. I was very comfortable and the atmosphere was wonderful. My baby kept her hands in front of her face and after 10 minutes of her not moving them they gave me chocolate and had me get up and move around. Well that worked and after that she got awesome footage for my DVD and perfect pics to send to family and friends. I would highly recommend Sweet Baby O’ Mine to all my friends.” Kari D

Hello Sweet Baby O Mine! I was at your studio to have a 4D ultrasound of my baby about 4-5 months ago. I wanted to give you an update that we had a boy, but it was obvious on the ultrasound. He is not a shy boy. He was born 1 March, 2011 with 8Lb and 21 inches. He looks so much like the ultrasound picture. Thank you Sweet Baby O Mine!” Sincerely, Klaudia L, Paul L & baby Paul L

We came to see you early October for a scan with our parents while we were on vacation visiting them. It was a really special experience and special day for us and we just wanted to thank you again for helping us make such wonderful memories. Our little man arrived on January 4th (10 days early) weighing 5lb 14oz and is just perfect. Tiny and precious. And he looks just like his photos from our scan 🙂 You’d asked us to let you know when he arrived and sorry its taken so long – we’ve just been so taken with him its been hard drawing ourselves away to get anything else done! Here are some photos of our little man Thanks again to you both. Linda, Shug and Baby Cameron G

We had our ultrasound a bit early into pregnancy at week 17, but even then he had those hands up by his face…which is where they stay the majority of the day now! Amanda D

OMG you guys were amazing. =) To first confirm that I was having a GIRL. From entering your door until stepping out the experience was sweet ♥. Paula V

Thanks so much. This was a wonderful experience!!!!! Tracey S

Hello, Just wanted to send you a pic of our new bundle of joy! Mr. Liam was born March 1st he was 9lbs 1oz. Thank you so much for the wonderful 4d ultrasound experience my family and I enjoyed it! Thank you! Tearine B

I wanted to share the before and after photos of our son, Jacob Alexander. He was born on August 9th, 2012 weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces, measuring 21.5 inches long. We had our latest 3D/4D ultrasounds with you guys at 33 weeks (in addition to our gender determination at 16 weeks), and I can’t believe how much he looks like the ultrasound pics! Thank you again for the amazing experience! 🙂 Laura T

Audrey Sophia O. was born 10-13-10…. I know, I know, a while ago… but I’ve been meaning to shoot you guys the before and after pics. She has the same mannerisms she had in the womb! Haha Thank you guys for showing me my daughter before she was even here! J Rachel O

This my little Ryleigh Dawn. She came three weeks earlier then expected on November 20, 2011 at 2:04am. I just wanted to send you all a few pics to show you the little girl you helped me see before she was here. Thank you you all so much.! :)” Chloe L

Thea, Here is one of the few shots we got where his hands were not in his face. Jessie N Roger

She came out perfect, thank you! John L

My wife and I did our 3D/4D Ultrasound Today and agree it was the best experience ever, from being greeted and checked in by Ingrid to Scanned by Thea, Great, Roomy and Family oriented environment. Recommend to all Expecting parents, Great Clean Friendly Place Giovanni S

What a wonderful experience we had at Sweet Baby O Mine! Thea was so patient with us. Baby Madelyn didn’t want to show her face, but we chatted and finally got some great shots. I will definitely recommend this facility to all my friends who are expecting. It is a beautiful place with a friendly and welcoming staff. What a perfect way to make her debut. Thanks Again, Dana & Matt Dana M

Thea, Here are some pictures of Kody. The ultrasound picture is Kody 28 weeks, the pic with green blanket is at 3 days old, and the pic with michigan blanket it Kody at 7 days old. He was born March 8th, 2012 at 11.37pm weighing 6lbs 1oz, and 17 & 3/4 inches. He was 3 weeks early due to preeclampsia. I just thought I would give you a quick update about him. Kylie T

Before/After Nicole A

Baby Harper Before and After Alicia M

Hello Thea, here is photo of my son. He was born fri 3/23/12. Thank you for the wonderful photos that you gave us during his ultrasound. Everyone has really loved them! John and Kate M

Baby James….Before and Baby James…After♥ Kristina S

Hi, We just wanted to share a picture of Nate C. II with you. He was born 4/17/12 and weighed 8lbs 12oz Kit and Nate C

HI Thea, I got my ultrasound from you at 32 weeks, and had my baby boy February 23, 2012. 8lbs 3oz 21 1/2 in. He is 3 1/2 months now, and I was looking at all of his 3d ultrasound pictures, and I would just like to thank you again. It was such a great experience for us, and we are so glad to have such fantastic pictures of him still in my belly. Something I would recommend to anyone, because it is truly something you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. I will be coming back for #2. Thanks so much, Kristina, Shaun, & Baby James. Kristina L

Our sweet pea 🙂 Isabella Ann-Marie O Jessica H

Thank you so much for the amazing experience! Carter Blaine G. born May 21st 2012 Kiira R

Before/After – Mikayla Elizabeth Betsy V

Ace William – Before/After Vanessa T

Hi Thea, Carina finally joined us on 7/22″ Lisa S

Thea, Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. Diego, my family watching from afar, and I all loved seeing our little Miss Kiana Jay yesterday. My dad was moved to tears! I simply can’t thank you enough! Always, Nakia E

I recommend this to every pregnant parent! It’s so different compared to the doctor’s office, where there main concern is measurements and size this is just for the family to bond with their little one! You get to see and spend a half hour seeing what your baby does. Mine smiled within the first five minutes which melts your heart and just can compete with anything, I also got to see her suck her fingers and she loves to keep her hands by her face which means lots of mittens for her for when she is born. 1/2 hour let me really enjoy seeing her and the pictures and DVD just add to the experience. Highly recommend you won’t regret it! Tonia S

Thank YOU so, so much for such an incredible, emotional experience today. I loved every moment and thank you for your wonderful discrete and professional bedside manner. You were so patient and accommodating and made the whole process so smooth, and comfortable. It was so much more personal, and detailed and intimate than the clinical scans we have had performed and an afternoon we will all NEVER forget – and I’m so glad you were able to let us share the experience with my parents, who because they live overseas from us, will miss so many other “firsts”. Today was so special for them and just awesome for us. I would thoroughly recommend your service to anyone and ENCOURAGE people to do it if they are unsure about going for a package with Sweet Baby O’ Mine – best half hour and money we have spent all year! Linda G

Jordan Lee Mathews born April 21st at 4:27 pm… ♥ Cece D

Before/After Matthias Nainsi M

Awesome before and after of our happy baby Izaac :)) Faviola L

Thanks! Thea…” Our Reveal party was a SUPER sucess! Thanks so much for your help! We cannot wait to see Baby Girl Robbins again in October! Enjoy the pictures! The Robbins Family

The most precious pictures you’ve blessed me with..I’m forever grateful!!! xoxoxoxo Maria R

Thank you very much again for the amazing experience we had the other day at my first 3D ultrasound! You have a fantastic place, we loved it! My parents, my brother, my sister-in-law and my little niece in Hungary, all were watching the “live show”. It was amazing how we could share this whole experience with them. Now I would like to make my second appointment. Thank you so much again. Can’t wait for my second ultrasound!!” Szilvia E

What a great experience! I was super happy with the outcome of my ultrasound! The ladies are so nice and they make you feel comfortable and special! I was so pleased by the entire experience I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a 4d ultrasound done. I drove from Naples and I’m so glad I decided to come to Sweet Baby O Mine! Lauren J

We recently went to Sweet Baby O’ Mine for a 4d ultrasound of our baby girl and we were so awestruck!! The studio is gorgeous and very comfortable!! She was being a little camera shy but Thea didn’t rush us and gave enough time to get some great pictures. The grandparents were able to watch over SonoStream live and they loved it. They all said they felt like they were in the room. I definitely recommend Sweet Baby O’ mine to every expectant parent!! Jenn T

Hi Thea, I was in to see you when I was 28 weeks pregnant and it was such a wonderful experience. Here are photos of my daughter Aubree Joy-Marie. When we were into see you her name was Aubree Marie Smith, we added Joy at the last minute. Aubree was born on January 4th 2012 at 11:13pm. She was 6 pounds even and 19 inches long. She is now 9 months old and doing wonderful. I hope to see you when we are ready to have another one 🙂 Thanks again. Ann B

3d Ultrasound 28 weeks. Mackenzie Marie G. Thea thank you so much for giving us a sneak peek into our future. I can’t believe how much Mackenzie looks like this photo. You are amazing and we will never forget our enjoyable experience in your studio. Finding out we were having a girl at 13 weeks was an awesome surprise. Thank you again for making our first pregnancy a little more special!” Jennifer G

‎5 stars is not enough! We really thought that 3d/4d ultrasounds were going to be alot like 2d and wondered if it would be worth the money! It is totally worth it, seeing your baby up close like that is an incredible experience and worth way more then the cost! (nothing like the 2d ultrasounds) ♥ Not only do you get to see their features so clearly but you also get to watch it over anytime and share it with friends and family! I recommend it to everyone and will be going again for the next baby for sure! Staff was wonderful and made it such a special experience! It is not just a job to them, they love what they do and make you feel so at home! ♥ Katie W

Here’s our before and after of our son, Hoyt Cash S : ) Born 9/29/2012 at Noon. 7lbs 3oz 20 inches. Holly S

We loved getting our ultrasound done with you. Thea was amazing with us and our family and just made it such an amazing and wonderful experience. We can’t wait to come back after 28 weeks to do it again! Kristianna K

Thank you, we had a great time! Thea really worked with us to get us a good shot of our baby, as the little guy was being uncooperative with his hands in front of his face. Everyone was really comfortable and the studio is beautiful and welcoming. Ashley W

I love you guys and recommend you to EVERY one of my expecting friends (: Lauren W

We recently we to Sweet Baby O’ Mine for our 4d ultrasound and to find out the sex of our baby. Everyone there was super friendly and the place was so cute! The ultrasound room is very big which was great considering all the family we wanted to bring to watch! Thea was great through the ultrasound; she was very informative and just so pleasant! I would definitely recommend Sweet Baby O’ Mine to anyone looking for an ultrasound place! And I’m definitely going back again towards the end of my pregnancy for another ultrasound!! Sarah B

I went to Sweet Baby O’ Mine to get a 4D ultrasound of my second baby girl. Not only was the office very inviting and comfortable but Thea was amazing. She told me how the ultrasound worked and what we were seeing and just made my husband and I feel like we were at home. The pictures were unbelievable. We got to see our baby girl perfectly; my family cannot believe how clear the images were. I would not go to any other place for an ultrasound!! Veronica N

I was in just recently really wanting to find out the sex of my baby. I was very surprised at how nice it really was inside the office. I got a 4d done with my 3 year old in Tampa and they have nothing on Sweet Baby O’ Mine. The ultrasound room was so comfortable and large enough so everyone that came had a great view and comfy seat and my 3 year old had plenty of room to be a 3 year old. At first my baby was being shy but after a little persuasion from Thea she uncovered her face. I really recommend this for any pregnant woman. It would be a great shower gift. The Dvd is really awesome and I got so many great pictures on the cd to share with friends. It’s definitely a must. I’m sure Lucy will be so happy to see the cd when she gets older. Thank you so much. Addie G and family. Addie G

My husband and I went to Sweet Baby O’ Mine to find out the gender of our baby, he was being a bit shy but they worked their magic and we were able to find out we were having a little boy! The pictures and DVD that we received from our session are wonderful and something that we will always cherish. We got to see our little one up close, smiling and he even waved. It was a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to go back when I am further along! I recommend Sweet Baby O’ Mine to all the parents to be out there, it’s an experience that you will never forget! Thanks so much Thea and Ingrid, we will see you again soon! Nicole & Tony P

Thank You Sweet Baby O’ Mine, For Making My Appointment So Wonderful. It Was Awesome To See Our Son Up Close, And Even When He Was Being Shy They Worked There Magic To Get His Precious Face Showing, I Recommend SBOM To All Expectant Mothers, It’s A Great Experience. THANK YOU Stephenie L

What an amazing experience! The facility was very comfortable and Thea did a great job – both she and Ingrid were so friendly and made us feel right at home. It was awesome getting to see our little man 🙂 In the package we choose we got so much for a price so much better than the competitors. Thanks! Keri & Jay L

I recommend SBOM to every pregnant mommy out there! Thea and Ingrid were so helpful and sweet! Even though my little one was being shy, Thea took her time and patiently waited to find out the gender. Finally we got a few shots where we now know it’s a girl!!! The studio is so warm & welcoming. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience. We will definitely be back and will be recommending you to all our friends and family! Stacey & Mike P

Loved every moment being there, it’s a very calming place. Unlike a doctor’s office. And the way the ultrasound dvd and pics amazed daddy’s family and mine. The price for all of this was unbeatable, and the people there were all very nice. Thanks so much for the experience. We will go back again I’m sure. Adalina M

Had a wonderful experience and can’t wait to come back once I’m further along! The staff was wonderful and you can’t beat the value you receive for the money here. Lauren E

My husband & I went to Sweet Baby O’ Mine today to find out the sex of our baby. I am a little over 16w and we were amazed at how clear the pictures were! Thea was amazing and super knowledgeable. We were able to see the baby smile, move, open his hands, etc. I never thought all this was possible to see so early. Great experience all around & HIGHLY recommended! Cherstin M

Baby Emmanuel Maria C-V

We went to Sweet Baby O’ Mine last Saturday and I must say I will be going back. Very comfortable and the staff was also great. I loved the place and very affordable!!! Going back soon! Norisbel M

Sweet Baby O’ Mine is a MUST DO! This ultrasound experience is truly remarkable. Thea and Ingrid are extremely experienced and pleasant ladies. They took excellent care of me! Not to mention, the Sonostream Live so my husband back in Virginia could experience it live like he was right there with me. I will recommend Sweet Baby O’ Mine to any and all my family and friends who are expecting. The ultrasound is very affordable and truly makes all the aches and pains of pregnancy well worth it when you see your baby on that big screen! Rachel O

My husband and I visited Sweet Baby O’ Mine on Saturday to see our baby for the first time. Thea was wonderful and our experience was one we will never forget. We especially liked that our friends and family were able to watch this with us through the Internet. All expecting parents should make an appointment, it is truly a wonderful adventure. Krystal S

We went on May 15th had the most exceptional time! Our little one was quite the mover and shaker and they spent that extra time and went the extra mile to get us good pics! Can’t wait to go back and get another session!! Update: Went again yesterday 07/23 for an updated session again had a mover and shaker and again took the time to get us good pics!! Thanks again!! Jessica B

I really had a wonderful experience at my ultrasound! Everybody was so nice and welcoming and even made my crazy family feel comfortable. Got some good shots of my little one!! Can’t wait to go back for my other appointment! Thanks Sweet Baby O’ Mine!!!!! 🙂 Sarah R

Was just there today and all I can really say is WOW!!!!! It was a great experience. My husband and I couldn’t be anymore happier, very clean my family felt very comfortable there, I was very comfortable! I will be back again once I’m 28-30 weeks. Thank you to the 2 ladies that were so nice to us. Nancy K

What an awesome experience we had on Saturday! Thea and Ingrid are just fabulous people that make you feel so at home, and the ambiance of the office just seals the deal. Thank you so much for letting us peek into Braxton’s little world for a minute. We can’t wait to come back and see him when he is farther along! 
Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you soon! Dana S

We had such an amazing experience at our 3D/4D ultrasound! The office was beautiful and the staff was so welcoming! My husband, mother-in-law, stepdaughter and I all enjoyed watching the baby move on the big screen!! It was surreal!! The pictures came out great and the DVD will be something I’ll cherish forever. Thanks Baby O Mine team!! You were fabulous!! Kelly T

What a wonderful experience this has been! We were so excited to see our newest addition in live action- and what a mover and a shaker she was! We were also able to reveal the gender in front of family, together! The staff was so wonderful, pointing out the littlest details to make our experience not only enjoyable but understandable too! They certainly take pride in their work! I am excited to come back when I am further along to see the progress of our little one! Shawna L

We had an awesome experience at Sweet Baby O’ Mine!!!! It was just fantastic! Can’t wait to do it again! We want to thank you for the opportunity that you gave us to see our baby Grace and just getting a glimpse of what she is doing in actual time, it was just a one of a kind moment that will have us talking for many years to come 🙂 
We highly recommend Sweet Baby O’ Mine for their enormous effort to make us feel at home, the staff was super sweet, very kind, gentile and very professional! Desiree A

Soooooo AWESOME!!!! I went to Sweet Baby O’ Mine yesterday to see a great friend’s baby!!! HOW AWESOME!!!! First of all, I was so excited that my friend Kelly is having a girl (she knew this from her doc), but to actually see her snuggling with her mom was absolutely beautiful!!! I don’t know how you do it, but you get the pics and the video, even if baby is being “shy”!!! As soon as Kelly came back from doing the “workout”, that little girl was on stage!!!!! So awesome!!! I will tell everyone I know about you!!! How great it is to create beautiful memories for parents! Stacey R

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