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Heartbeat Buddies


Treasured Buddy Keepsakes: Can be added to any package.

When you’re at the Studio choose a snuggly stuffed animal with YOUR baby’s heartbeat recorded inside. The keepsake is something you’ll cherish for a lifetime!!

Feel free to add a Buddy to any package. Prices range from $30 to $35 depending on package selected.


Schedule a Buddy ONLY Appointment = $50 ((WeekDAYS Only!))

Buddies available can be different from those pictured on our website or social media. Some types you may encounter during your visit to our Studio: panda, elephant, turtle, frog, cow, monkey, lamb, giraffe, teddy bear, lion, whale, penguin, hippo, etc…

** Please Note ~Yes, Heartbeat Buddies are subject to Florida State Sales Tax.